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· Stainless Steel Forged Blind Flange [2017-06-20 Click:0]
Blind flange named blind board.the official name is flange cover. It don’t have holes in the middle, it’s function is seal the pipe stopper. Sealing face’s form have many types [Reading the text]
· 0.5 cut wire shot [2017-06-08 Click:3]
0.5 cut wire shot [Reading the text]
· G10 Cast Steel Grits [2017-06-02 Click:4]
G10 Cast Steel Grits [Reading the text]
· S780 Cast Steel shots [2017-05-23 Click:1]
S780 Cast Steel shots [Reading the text]
· The character of Cut Wire Shot [2017-05-15 Click:8]
The character of Cut Wire Shot [Reading the text]
· Cast Steel Shot S430 [2017-05-03 Click:2]
Cast Steel Shot S430 [Reading the text]
· Steel Grit [2017-04-11 Click:4]
Steel Grit compare with the strengthening of steel shot [Reading the text]
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