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zinc cut wire shot

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1 material zinc 
2 specifications can be customized 
3 price : Market volatility

1.Zinc is a metallic chemical element, it has a white color with a bluish tinge. It has a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and a major use is as a protective coating for iron and steel sheet and wire. Galvanized sheets are a prime example. The melting point of zinc is 419ºC.

2.We are custom manufacturer of zinc shots. Features of zinc shots include galvanic protection & corrosion resistance. Zinc shots are suitable for deburring & deflashing of zinc or aluminum die cast parts in both wet & dry operations & removal of impregnated sand from sand castings custom manufacturer of zinc shots.

3.It is used for removing oxidation skin, burr, eliminating surface defect, removing stress, etching, unknit, strengthen, prevention rust before painting of metal die-casting, precision casting, hardware tool, machinery manufacturing, automobile spare parts, apparatus,pump valve industry..material     zinc

Main technical indicators of Blasting metal abrasive Zinc cut wire shot:





Product Description

Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Chemical Composition




Tensile Intensity



6500 Times


Deformed α


7.1 g/cm3

Bulk Density





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