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High Quality Wet and Dry Abrasive Sand Paper

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High Quality Wet and Dry Abrasive Sand Paper 
1>20 year manufacture experience 
2>ISO&GMC&TUV certified 
3>Highly tough&flexible

high quality wet and dry abrasive sand paper 


Article: High quality Wet and Dry Abrasive Sand Paper
Material: Aluminum oxide
Resin: High strength resin
Size: 1.38MX100M
Color: Red
Grit Range: 36#~800#
Features: 1>Tough abrasive grain

2> Good aggression

3> Flexibility

4> Long life performance

5> Low polishing cost in total



  • Selected backing paper, highly tough and flexible, especially for making wide abrasive paper belts;
  • Treated FEPA standard abrasive grain, with 30%~40% higher performance;
  •  High strength resin, better bonding between grains and backing, longer the lifetime.


  • Hard wood working;
  • Wood and synthetic grinding and polishing
  • Metal grinding


  • Standard size: 1.38MX100M
  • Other size as customer's requirement.

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