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sand blast media steel grit g14

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GP steel grit
 This abrasive, which is angular when new, rapidly becomes rounded in use, giving a better performance in
certain cases such as descaling, with little or no variation in maintenance costs compared to steel shot.
GL Steel Grit
 Although harder than GP Steel Grit, GL also loses its sharp edges during shot blasting and is particularly
suited to heavy descaling and surface preparation requirements. GL steel grit cleans rapidly to give a clean
finish to all surfaces.
GH Steel Grit
 Having maximum hardness, GH remains angular in its operating mix. This steel grit does not shatter readily,
yet has a fast, effective cutting action, making it ideal for deep descaling and etched surface requirements.
Steel Grit Applications
1.Shot blasting for cast plate, cast iron, forging steel plate, H bean, welded mark, spanner,etc.
2.the Cleaning scales, rust, burr, painting or plating before treatment.
3.Stone material cutting and grinding.
4.Blast treatment before painting, welding and gluing.
5.Cleaning the squeezing roller.
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