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shot blasting 2.5mm steel shot for Grinding

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cast steel shots:

1. Production specification: S930,S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110,S70


2. Chemical Composition of steel shots: C 0.70-1.20% Mn 0.60-1.20%, Si 0.40-1.20%, S≤0.05%, P ≤0.05%


3. Hardness: Normal: 40-50HRC Special: 52-56HRC, 56-60HRC Density: 7.4g/cucm


4. Steel shot is used for industrial foundry, forging plant, heat treatment shop, steel construction plant, container manufacturer, ship builder, auto and locomotive manufacturer .


5. Microstructure: Tempered Marten site High strength, durable Ervin life: Cast steel shot: 2000 cycles.


Product series: cast steel shot
Performance &technical standard :
C:0.8%-1.2% ;Mn:0.35%-1.2%; Si :≥0.4%;P.S ≤0.05%
Density: ≥7.4g per cubic cm
Hardness: 40-50 HRC, special request could achieve 51-57HRC
Shape: Round or approximate round 
Size : S1560-S70
Application of Cast Steel Shot :
1.Blast cleaning: Applied as metal abrasive materials for Shot Blast machines to clean the workpiece of the casting ,the die-casting ,the forging ,the steel plate ,the H type steel, the steel structureand also to clean away the sands out of the casting workpiece.
2. Derusting: Clean the rust of the workpiece of the forging,the steel plate ,the H type steel ,the steel structure .
3.Shot peening : Shot peening to the workpiece of the gear ,the workpiece after heat treatment ,the pro-file steel ,the vessel hull ,other steel materials or structures.
Application Devices:
  Metal shot mainly used for the following equipment including rotary barrel shot blasting machine, chain type shot blasting machine ,pedrail type shot blasting machine ,passthrough shot blasting machine ,table type shot blasting machine ,pendent-china&pile-type Shot Blasting Machine, trolley type shot blasting machine ,abrator ,abrator equipment ,shot peening machine, shot peening equipment ,sand blasting machine ,sandblasting equipments, steel material pretreatment production line,steel plate pretreatment production line ,steel structure pretreatment production line .

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