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steel shot and steel grit distribution

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1.Made from alloy steel with Cr included 
2.Fine microstructure,stable tenacity and quality 
3.Competitive price,fast delivery

Product details

Compared with traditional cast steel shot,we add Cr ingredient to result in a better tenacity,fatigue resistence,longer working-life,lower consumption.  And it has been proved that our Cr steel shot is suitable for descalling, cleaning and peening oxygenated surface.A data from our customers has been shown that the consumption has been reduced by more than 10-15 % compared to traditional types.           

                                                                                         Physical  Nature

Item&Name Steel Shot
shape Spherical
hardness standard special
40-50HRC(377-509HV) >52HRC(>540HV)
microstructure fine and homogeneous tempered Martensite fine adn homogeneous tempered Troosite
C Level<2
density(g/ cm3 ) ≥   7.20

                                                                                         Ingredent Sheet

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