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Model for steel shot

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  Model for cast steel shot:

  S780/SS2.5,S660/SS2.0,S550/SS1.7,S460/SS1.4,S390/SS1.2,S330/SS1.0,S280/SS0.8,S230/SS0.6, S170/SS0.5,S110/SS0.3,S70/SS0.2

  Standardsfor steel shot:

  SAE J827 Cast Steel Shot,

  ISO11124-3High Carbon Cast Steel Shot and Grit.

  YB/T5149-1993 Cast Steel Shot,

  SFSA20-66Cast Steel Abrasive.

  My company has the advanced production equipment and various testing equipment, the production equipment including size each lathe, cast steel grits, to enlarge the hole machine etc, testing equipment and testing room Germany import spectrometer, laboratory. The products of the company according to gb, Japanese standard, Germany standard, American standard, British standard standard production, etc.

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