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Shot peening is a cold working process

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  Shot peening is a cold working process in which the surface of a spring is bombarded with small spherical media called  cast steel shot. Each piece of shot striking the surface creates a small indentation or dimple. Overlapping dimples develop an even layer of metal in residual compressive stress. Fatigue cracks will not start or propagate in a compressively stressed zone. When a residual compressive stress is produced in the surface, the tensile stress created by the applied load must first overcome the residual compressive stress before the resultant surface stress becomes tensile.

  We are engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of Butt Weld Fitting that is available in varied types such as cast steel grits and cut wire shot,Sourced from reliable vendors, these fittings are highly acknowledged for their high tensile strength, durability and accurate alloy composition. These find application in several industries such oil & gas, automobile, acid & chemical, pharmaceutical and cement industries. We are known for our butt welding fitting pieces.

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