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  Driven by the ISO9001 quality standard, Reaguan painstakingly regulates every

  aspect of the production process of our Low Carbon Bainite cast steel shot.

  As a result of our attention to quality, customers are assured of the chemical,

  mechanical and metallurgical integrity of our low carbon Bainite cast steel shot.

  Reaguan's stringent guidelines have also led to the virtual elimination of voids,

  hollows, slag and slag inclusions; common steel abrasive defects which promote

  premature shot breakdown.

  Spectrographic analysis and micro hardness testing are just some of the

  sophisticated "tools" that the Metaltec laboratory employs to maintain

  consistent production qualityof our low carbon Bainite cast steel shot.

  Our customers are encouraged and invited to conduct an on-site audit

  and inspection of Reaguan's cast steel shot manufacturing processes.

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