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Performance comparison of two steel grit and copper slag abrasives

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  Performance comparison of two steel grit and copper slag abrasives

  In recent years, environmental protection has gradually become the focus of governments, environmental protection and new abrasive unbreakable reusable also become the focus of development and promotion.

  steel grit abrasive gradually replaced the copper slag abrasives, steel plate pretreatment stage and shipbuilding engineering segment sandblasting painting stage has been widely used. Abrasive performance comparison of the two found that they have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  Copper slag high hardness, sharp edges and corners, moderate proportion. In mixed delivery of compressed air, it is possible to obtain a high shock resistance, can efficiently remove iron steel surface rust, old coatings and other attachments, and steel plate form a uniform surface roughness, help raise new coating and sheet binding force. Copper slag relatively inexpensive, disposable favor large-scale use, improve the coating quality of reliability, and low construction cost. Copper slag The most obvious disadvantage is that a one-time large-scale use will produce large amounts of solid waste, and will produce a lot of dust pollution broken in the construction, contrary to today's theme of environmental protection.

  steel grit in the construction of solid waste generated significantly reduced environmental effect is obvious. It also has the use of broken low, generate less dust pollution, can be recycled to reduce construction costs and many other advantages. But for copper slag, steel grit also has disadvantages: higher material prices, copper slag is about 20 times; in case of influx of water caused huge losses rust lumps, place of use restricted; the long-term cycle of use is likely to cause pollution itself and thus abrasive cause secondary pollution blasted steel surface.

  These are the two kinds of steel grit and copper slag abrasive performance comparison, we hope we can bring help.

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