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steel grit concrete effect of how to ensure construction

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    steel grit concrete because of its special role in many bridge projects are widely used, but even though it can be widely used in a large number, often because of problems on the construction quality of some of the steps leading to final quality problems, then we want to ensure that post- Normal use of specific steps, how to proceed?

  1, remove the floating pulp: steel grit concrete surface laitance appear, use mechanical disc will laitance destroyed.

  2, smooth operation: in the initial setting of the concrete surface with a mechanical steel grit disc 2-3 times smooth.

  3, the surface received light work: Following the operation, depending on the concrete situation of hardened steel grit, at least 3-4 times a mechanical paddle received light work.

  4, conservation work: fully received light good ground, conservation measures should be taken within 12 hours. Conservation ways to take conservation agent conservation, sprinkler maintenance or plastic film conservation.

  5, cutting expansion joints: To avoid steel grit concrete cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction, expansion joints should be sawn. Generally every 6-12 meters one, also combined with field case sawing column position.

  Want to have good quality, proper construction work must be carried out.

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