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Steel ball steel shots the best supplier

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  Our factory mainly producess steel shot, steel grit, stainless steel shot, Iron shot, Iron grit, cooper ball, Aluminium ball and zinc ball this five series. Hebei reaguan supplying perfect quality and first class service, cooperate with the customers, develope and create resplendence together.

  The medium used in a cleaning or peening operation is the most important factor. It is therefore vital to select the correct size, shapeand hardnessfor the particular requirements specified.


  The abrasive supplied by the manufacturer is predominantly one size but, in use, an 'operating mix' develops which contains a range of particle sizes. The operating mix contains the balance between 'Impact' from the new and larger particles to remove larger contaminants and 'Coverage' from the medium and smaller partly worn-down particles to remove the smaller and/or remaining contaminants.

  The initial size selection, therefore, is critical to ensure the correct size grading within the blasting process to achieve the balance between 'Impact' and 'Coverage' and hence produce the required surface finish at the lowest operating cost.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our Cast Steel shots and Cast Steel Grits, which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

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