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the radii are within the metal's elastic range

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  Peen forming is a die-less cold forming process performed at room temperature with procedure of shot peening. The peen forming process is ideal for forming large panel shapes where the bend radii are reasonably large without abrupt changes in contour. Peen forming is best suited for forming curvatures where the radii are within the metal's elastic range.

  Peen forming is effective on all metals!

  Peen forming is the preferred method of forming aerodynamic contours into aircraft wing skins and has the following advantages:

  No forming dies are required.

  Process is performed at room temperature.

  Wing skin design changes are easily accomplished by altering the peen forming procedure. There is no expensive modification of dies required.

  All forming is accomplished using residual compressive stress. Peen formed parts exhibit increased resistance to flexural bending fatigue and stress corrosion cracking as a result.

  Peen formed skins exhibit compressive stress on top and bottom surfaces.

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