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Surface cleaning can create conditions for the coating in two ways

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Surface cleaning can create conditions for the coating in two ways:
The first is the mechanical aspects, to provide coating surface roughness;
To overcome the adverse impact of the smooth surface of coating.If only the cleanliness instead of roughness, the metal surface is very smooth, wouldn't exist good adhesion between the coating and surface.
Such as: glass coating on the surface of the scraper and even nails can easily use to get rid of.On the contrary, if the surface like sandpaper rough, if you want to get rid of the coating, it is not an easy task.
Steel surface after shot peening treatment will be as rough as sandpaper, appear many small peaks and troughs, coating into the bottom of the trough, wave like teeth biting tightly the coating.
Second is chemistry, molecular closely contact with the steel substrate surface coating.That is, reach a certain surface cleanliness.
Eliminate surface contamination of the harmful effects of coating.If only the roughness without cleanliness, steel surface contamination include: dirt, dust, grease, oil, rust, scale, sometimes the water vapor.If the dirt is not clean, covered by coating, coating adhesion of mechanical and chemical adhesion will be affected, the coating will fail.On the contrary, if the dirt clean before paint, can be formed on the surface of a workpiece, complete with a good combination of steel coating adhesion of coating to get effective guarantee.Good adhesion coating as a effective barrier, prevent moisture contact with steel.
Surface cleaning can remove harmful substances invisible to the naked eye.The most harmful chemical pests are some soluble salts, such as chloride and sulfide, and so on.These chemical pests is our naked eye cannot see.
If these harmful material are not completely clear, they will make the water vapor penetration coating, reach the bottom of the coating, cause foaming, separate the coating and substrate, the will accelerate the corrosion of steel.

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