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G10 Cast Steel Grits

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  G10 Cast Steel Grits Be used for throwing pill machine, throw a pill equipments, throw pill to tidy up machine, throw a pill machine, spray to throw pill, spray pill machine, spray a pill equipments, spray sand machine, spray the sand equipments, the steel material prepares the processing production line, steel plate to prepare the processing production line, the steel structure to prepare a processing in the production line whet to anticipate.

  We press American Cast steel association strictly"SFSA20-66 The Cast steel whets to anticipate the standard", American automobile engineer's association"SAE J1993Cast Steel GritThe standard", the People's Republic of China black metallurgy profession"YB/T5150-1993Cast Steel GritThe standard", the American soldier mark"MIL-S -851CTidy up and enhance to use the metals steel sand and the steel pill"and the nations standardize organization" ISO11124-3High carbon Cast steel pillCast Steel Grit Standard"the future life produce.

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