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How to choose cast steel shot

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  Determining the material of cast steel shot mainly depends on the type of workpiece you want to clean up. Aluminum cast steel shot are generally used for non-ferrous metals. Ordinary steel weldments, castings, steel and so on are used for cast steel shot; the larger the diameter of cast steel shot, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning up, but the work efficiency is also very high; irregular shape of steel sand or steel wire cutting. Cast Steel Shot for Shot Peening efficiency is higher than cast steel shot, but the surface roughness is also higher; high cleaning efficiency of the cast steel shots on equipment wear faster; only the use of time, but this wear is not faster than production efficiency; the hardness of cast steel shot and cleaning speed is proportional to, but is inversely proportional to life.

  Therefore, the higher the hardness of cast steel shot, the faster the cleaning speed, but the short life consumption is large, so moderate hardness (about HRC40-50 is appropriate) the use of the best results.

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