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The process of cast steel grits

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  Whether steel grit or cast steel grits, in order to make the surface treatment meet the required cleanliness and roughness standards, besides the use of appropriate abrasives, there must be standardized process parameters to ensure.

  To ensure sandblasting quality, new nozzles with new structure should be selected. For example, when Venturi nozzle is used, the abrasive injection speed can reach 200 m/s, while the ordinary straight barrel nozzle only has 97 m/s, the difference between them is 3 times. For the nozzle aperture, when the air pressure is constant, the nozzle aperture increases, the air loss and cast steel grits production increase, and the cast steel grits efficiency increases. The choice of aperture is restricted by air supply, generally 8~15mm. Due to abrasion, new nozzle should be replaced when the aperture of the G16 Cast Steel Grits nozzle increases by 25%.

  Cast steel grits distance. Refers to the straight distance from the end surface of the blasted nozzle to the surface of the substrate. With the increase of sand blasting distance, the abrasive erosion on the substrate surface is weakened and the abrasive is dispersed. Appropriate distance can not only make the surface roughness to a certain extent, but also have a higher cast steel grits efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid abrasive pressure on the surface and deformation of the workpiece. The general pitch control is within the range of 100~200mm.

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