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Cut Wire Shot play a huge role in industrial production

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  Cut Wire Shot seem simple, but they are widely used consumables in industrial production because steel cannot avoid rust and burrs in the casting process. For large steel structure projects such as shipbuilding and bridge construction, due to the long construction time, in order to prevent steel corrosion in the process, steel plate (or profiles) pretreatment pipeline appeared, there are shot blasting equipment in the pipeline, highly automated rust removal and pre-coating workshop primer. The main consumables for steel pre - requisition and cut wire shot. The main method of steel rust removal is shot peening and shot peening, shot peening is the use of rotating impellers to throw cut wire shot to the workpiece, forming a high-speed impact to rust removal, shot peening is through compressed air, steel balls to the workpiece to rust, regardless of which way, the main role is the cut wire shot, so in industrial production, the demand for cut wire shot. And consumption is enormous.

  In the production of cut wire shot, some other metal elements will be added to increase the physical properties of the cut wire shot, so the cut wire shot is obtained. Carbon is one of the most important elements. The carbon content of the cut wire shot determines the hardness and quality of the cut wire shot. The life of cut wire shot is longer than that of other Zinc Cut Wire Shot. It can be recycled for 3000 to 3500 times. The wear of cut wire shot is not as fast as that of other steel balls in use, but it will wear out slowly and become dust in the process of circulation.

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