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What matters should be paid attention to during the transportation of cast steel

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  Transportation of cast steel grit has always been an urgent problem for cast steel grit manufacturers to solve, because steel sand in the transport process to consider the following aspects of the problem.

  1. Consider the customer's situation before transportation, such as whether the road into the customer's factory is suitable for the carriage, and whether the customer loads and unloads the cast steel grit with a traveling car or a forklift truck, etc. All these are well understood beforehand so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

  2, according to the actual situation of customers, choose whether Sandblasting Abrasive Cast Steel Grit is packed in ton or pallet.

  3. If cast steel grit is exported, the factors of tidal current and the fumigation of pallets in developed countries should be fully considered.

  4. Distribution vehicles as far as possible is to choose the kind of vehicles that can be delivered directly to the customer factory, so as to avoid secondary loading and unloading, time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also increased the cost problem.

  5. Do not choose to mix with corrosive and sharp materials in a truck to avoid damage to cast steel grit in transit.

  6. Before starting, try to weigh the weight of the steel as much as possible, proofread and ensure that there is no problem in the penalty. So as not to cause unnecessary disputes.

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