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Advantages of cast steel shots

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  1. Cast Steel shots has the effect of improving surface pressure and improving fatigue strength.

  The cast steel shots has strict internal structure and uniform grain size, which can increase the surface pressure and improve the fatigue life of the workpiece.

  2. Rapid cleaning of cast steel shots

  The hardness of Alloy steel blasting cast steel shot is moderate, the cleaning speed is fast, the elasticity is good, the inner angle or complex shape of the product can be cleaned quickly and uniformly, the processing time can be shortened, the efficiency can be improved, and the production cost can be reduced.

  3. Cast steel shots have long service life and less consumption.

  There are few defects in cast steel shots, and the microstructure is tempered martensite, which is resistant to impact and has long service life. Strict quality control and uniform material.

  Every production process of cast steel balls is strictly managed by quality system standards. The material of the products is uniform, reliable and stable.

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