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The process of cast steel grits surface treatment

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  In the process of cast steel grits surface treatment, high-speed rotating impeller is used to throw cast steel grits, steel shot into the surface of parts at high speed to remove the oxide layer on the surface of parts. At the same time, high-speed impact of Alloy Steel Cast Steel Grits on the surface of parts, resulting in the surface lattice deformation and deformation, resulting in increased surface hardness. Shot blasting is a method to enhance the surface of parts, and has the function of lighting and deburring. Shot blasting is often used for cleaning the surface of the casting or for surface hardening. Shot blasting is not suitable for surface treatment of thin parts with small thickness.

  Generally, the cast steel grits has regular shape, and the top and bottom parts are thrown away. The efficiency is high and the pollution is small.

  Cast steel grits play a certain role in cleaning and decontamination of workpieces. The aim is to prepare for the next process, that is, to ensure the roughness of the next process.

  Cast steel grits processing is almost applied to most fields of machinery, such as shipbuilding, automotive parts, aircraft parts, artillery and tank surface, bridges, steel structures, steel plates, pipes and so on.

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