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The hardness determines the consumption of cast steel grits

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  As the main abrasive material cast steel grits, the demand in the market has been showing a growing trend, which is directly related to its characteristics. Cast steel grits has moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, and longer service life, cleaning speed comparison, an important point is that it can also be used repeatedly.

  The harder the Gh40 SAE Cast Steel Grit, the quicker it is to clean the workpiece, but the corresponding consumption of cast steel grits will become faster and the service life will be shortened faster than normal time. So generally from the economic benefits of consideration, the general workpiece before cleaning is to buy moderate hardness of cast steel grits to deal with the work.

  As metal abrasive, cast steel grits is widely used in mechanical, aeronautical, foundry and other fields, such as shot peening strengthening of main machinery and heavy components or materials, deoxidizing and rust removing treatment of steel workpieces before painting, etc.Cast steel grits is mainly used to clean up workpieces, and the selection of cast steel grits is directly proportional to work efficiency. Correct selection of cast steel grits is the key to improve work efficiency, high hardness of cast steel grits, workpiece cleaning effect is good, relative to consumption is good, therefore, the use of cast steel grits, according to the material and hardness of the workpiece, to choose the appropriate steel sand, so as to improve the service life of cast steel grits.

  Choosing cast steel grits can not be blindly selected, we need to consider a variety of factors in the premise of the final effect will be the best, and economic benefits can not be too high, the selection of such cast steel grits is the main goal of each enterprise in the production process.

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