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The use and structure of cast steel grits and its price influence factors

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  The use and structure of cast steel grits have been introduced a lot of knowledge, but in terms of price, we also want to know, so friends who often use cast steel grits must know about these knowledge, I hope you can better understand the use of High-Quality G18 Cast Steel Grit rust removal and affect the price of common sense.

  Many people have learned something about our cast steel grits and so on, and have also introduced cast steel grits for you.

  The molten steel of high quality is melted by the cast steel grits, and then the molten steel is sprayed with a high-pressure water spray gun to form the cast steel grits. The cast steel grits is reheated to homogenize, and then quenched. Quenched cast steel grits are dried and reheated in the furnace to achieve proper hardness. The tempered cast steel grits are sifted into SEA-compliant grades through mechanical screen for cast steel grits equipment. Products with different particle sizes and hardness are used in different processes, such as steel rust removal, surface hardening, etc. When adding new cast steel grits, please observe a small amount of diligence.

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