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Effect of cut wire shot etching steel surface

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  The anchor chain is tied with iron wire into a speed shape about 3 m long and put into the drum. In the drum, 0.6mm Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot forging, gold sand, iron fragments, etc. are put into the drum. The drum is driven by the motor, and the anchor chain is impacted by abrasives to remove rust. Remove rust and dust from the cylinder and anchor chain and paint. Generally, it can be hung into the dip paint barrel for dip coating, and after 3 ~ 5min, the drying is lifted. The shortest painting interval 24h, generally dip 3. In order to achieve the ideal rust removal effect, the abrasives should be selected according to the surface hardness, original rust degree, required surface roughness, coating type, etc.

  For single epoxy, two or three layers of polyethylene coating, cut wire shot is easier to achieve the ideal rust removal effect by using the mixed abrasives of cut wire shot and steel balls. Steel sand has the effect of strengthening the surface of steel, while cut wire shot has the function of etching steel surface. Mixed abrasives of cut wire shot and steel shot (usually the hardness of steel shot is 40-50 HRC, the hardness of cut wire shot is 50-60 HRC) can be used on various steel surfaces, even on C-grade and D-grade corroded steel surfaces, the effect of rust removal is very good.

  The load-bearing unloading cut wire shot box is equipped with a top pillar matching with its sliding in the cut wire shot box. The cut wire shot box is equipped with sand, and the lower part of the cut wire shot box is equipped with a leak nozzle and a sealing cover. The operation is convenient and the supporting area is large, and it can be firmly supported on the supporting platform. When the structure is assembled and the supporting task is completed, the cut wire shot in the sand box will leak out under heavy pressure only by opening the leak nozzle. Because the leak nozzle is small, the leak speed is very slow, and the leak nozzle sealing cover can be capped at any time according to the need to achieve on-demand pressure relief to meet the actual needs of production.

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