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What are the main application fields of cast steel grits analysis?

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  1. Steel mill: Steel products and steel plates produced by steel mills have many burrs when they are first discharged from the furnace, which will affect the quality and phase of G50 Cast Steel Grit. These problems can be solved by using a shot blasting machine, and these problems can be solved easily.

  2. Foundry industry: Castings produced by general foundry enterprises need polishing and polishing, and cast steel grits is the professional machinery used in this respect. He uses different models according to different workpieces, and does not damage the original shape and performance of the casting.

  3. Mold industry: Generally speaking, most of the moulds are cast, and the moulds themselves require smoothness. The shot blasting cleaning machine can be polished according to different requirements, without damaging the original shape and performance of the moulds.

  4. Shipyard: The cast steel grits used by shipyard has rust, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. It is impossible to use manual embroidery removal, which will cause a large workload. This requires that the machine can remove rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, which can be solved by using series of pass methods.

  5. Bearing Factory: Bearings are made of moulds, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are some impurities or burrs, which also need to be cleaned up, then cast steel grits cleaning machinery will come into use.

  6. Automobile manufacturer: According to the working requirements of automobile manufacturer, the steel plate and some casting parts need polishing, but the strength of the cast steel grits and the original shape can not be damaged. The appearance of the casting should be clean and beautiful. Since automobile parts are not very regular, different polishing machines are required to complete them.  The shot blasting machines need to be used are: drum type, rotary table type, crawler type, through type shot blasting cleaning machinery, different machinery to deal with different workpieces;

  7. Steel structure construction enterprises: cast steel grits must be de-rusted before use in order to meet the structural requirements prescribed by the state. Fully automatic cleaning by shot blasting machine does not require manpower to de-rust and reduces the environmental pollution caused by acid pickling.

  8. Hardware factories and plating factories: Because both hardware factories and plating factories require workpiece surfaces to be clean, flat and smooth, shot blasting cleaners can solve these problems. Hardware factory workpiece is small, suitable for use with drum shot blasting cleaner and caterpillar shot blasting cleaner, depending on the situation. If the cleaning workpiece is small and the quantity is large, the crawler shot blasting cleaner can be used to finish the embroidery and polishing of the workpiece.

  9. Motorcycle Fittings Factory: Because of the small workpiece of motorcycle fittings, it is suitable to use drum shot blasting cleaner. If the quantity is large, hook type or caterpillar type can be used.

  10. Valve factory: Because the workpieces of the valve factory are cast, polishing and polishing are needed to achieve cleanliness, smoothness and smoothness, which requires shot blasting cleaning machinery to clean up these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table type, hook type shot blasting machine.

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