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Principles for choosing cast steel grits

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  Generally speaking, casting and steel structure are generally more than 1.0 when the requirement of Cast Steel Grits From Reaguan is not very strict. Thin-walled parts such as shipbuilding and car-building are generally less than 1.0. Judging the surface requirement of shot-blasted products is the most important. Some foundry enterprises export or require special ones to be selected below 1.0, but also to It depends on the size of the workpiece and the hardness of the surface.

  Specific models should be determined by comprehensive consideration of data. Metal abrasive is a kind of metal abrasive. The types and numbers of cast steel grits are too many. What industry uses depends on the specific conditions. Sometimes customers who need cast steel grits may use alloy steel grit, and some may use cast steel grits. It is hard to say what they use mainly depends on the requirements of customers for sprayed objects. Generally speaking, copper and aluminium parts. For example, cast steel grits with very strict surface are required, but the products on the market are mixed and of all quality and price.

  As far as cast steel grits is concerned, I haven't seen it used alone. It's all mixed. Steel structure, shipbuilding, car building, etc. Cast steel grits and steel grits are widely used. They can be used alone or mixed with other products.

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