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Details to be noticed when choosing cast steel grits

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  The hardness of cast steel grits HRC 40~pill is generally 50. Processing hard metals can improve the hardness of cast steel grits HRC 57~62. Cast steel grits have good toughness, service life is several times that of cast iron, and are widely used. The hardness of cast steel grits is hrc58-65, brittle, mainly used for shot peening with high strength. The hardness of G18 Cast Steel Grits is lower than that of the first two pellets. It is not allowed to be used mainly for iron contamination such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and magnesium. Cast steel grits can also be used in the second process of cast steel grits after shot peening to eliminate iron pollution and reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

  When choosing cast steel grits, we should pay attention to the chemical composition of cast steel grits: chemical composition is the basis of cast steel grits, an index of cast steel grits, which will determine the microstructure of steel, the heat treatment effect behind cast steel grits and steel.

  Choosing high quality cast steel grits also depends on the hardness of cast steel grits: if cast steel grits or cast steel grits is too soft, it can be clarified at a slower speed and reduce work efficiency. Shot peening,cast steel grits will not produce appropriate residual stress, the strength of low hardness cast steel grits can not be compensated by increasing impact time. The high hardness and unsatisfactory yield surface morphology increase the risk of bullet breakage, cause excessive consumption, wear and tear of equipment, increase the maintenance cost of equipment, so appropriate hardness is also the key.

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