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Principle of cast steel shots wear machine

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  Fatigue wear mechanism plays a leading role in general metal abrasives. Fatigue is a special form of failure caused by repeated stress. The stress amplitude of stress cycle does not exceed the elastic limit of material. The fatigue wear of S550 Cast Steel Shots is caused by periodic load of surface microstructure. It is characterized by the development of materials in the process of reinforcement, and its speed mainly depends on the surrounding media and its influence on reinforcement.

  The standard fatigue process is usually carried out in the latent period. During the latent period, there is no damage layer on the inner surface of the cast steel shots and no micro-damage on the outer surface of the cast steel shots. Further development, hardening slip deformation layer and cracks appeared on the surface of the alloy.

  From the simple calculation, cast steel shots can be seen that if the surface of the cast steel shots falls off under a single interaction, the corresponding wear rate is very large. Under external friction, the wear rate is several orders of magnitude smaller. Logically speaking, in order to make the surface of cast steel shots fall off, there must be many interactions, which is the principle of multiple effects of wear.

  Under the condition of multi-plastic deformation, the development of fatigue process is beyond doubt, but the direct experimental evidence for the assumption of wear fatigue of cast steel shots is very limited and lacks convincing. According to their experimental data, there is no linear relationship between wear resistance and fatigue limit of hardened cast steel shots. The results show that the fatigue limit is not the direct cause of abrasive cast steel shots wear.

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