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Application of cast steel grits in architecture

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  Cast steel grit is widely used in all walks of life. Cast steel grit is widely used in construction.

  The cast steel grits has obvious characteristics, high grade, uniform particle size, high hardness, non-powdering specific gravity, and red or black color. Not only wear resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, but also moisture resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, are widely used in construction.

  The wear-resisting layer made of G80 Cast Steel Grit concrete or cast steel grit is superior to the wear-resisting layer made of cast steel grit mortar in compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and friction coefficient. Iron scraps are easy to decay and fall off, but cast steel grit is not. Compared with diabase cast stone, cast steel grit is not only cheap, but also easy to construct. Its impact strength and brittleness are about twice as high as diabase cast stone.

  Therefore, cast steel grit has been widely used as concrete or mortar wear-resisting layer in coal mine, electric power, chemical metallurgy, warehouse, wharf, loading and unloading machinery factory, parking plant, electronic industry, highway, textile industry, military industry and other industrial infrastructure projects for decades, which is used in sites with heavy friction, easy damage and high impact force.

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