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Cast steel grits are made of selected raw materials

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  Cast steel grits are made of selected raw materials, rare metals and optimum proportion alloys, melted in electric furnace, converted into steel grit by modern equipment, and after many times of electric heat treatment and automatic screening, its chemical composition and particle size are strictly controlled in the process of forming High Quality Cast Steel Grits by liquid metals to ensure that its mechanical properties conform to various uses. Each production link has the most rigorous quality management. The cast steel grits produced are tightly organized, not easy to break, uniform particle size distribution, with appropriate hardness, strong impact resistance and long service life.

  Cast steel grits is a kind of energy-saving and pollution-free product, which is made of forged bearing steel by direct quenching and crushing into cast steel grits. There are no smelting process and casting defects in the manufacturing process. Traditional cast steel grits follows the procedure of "making steel grit first, making pellets first", and must be melted. There are many casting defects, which are high energy consumption and high pollution products in the manufacturing process. The structure of cast steel grits is forged, with high mechanical properties, sharp edges and corners, while the cast steel grits is as cast, with spherical arc surface, low efficiency and consumption is much higher than steel grit.

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