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The characteristics of cast steel shots

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  Cast steel shots are made of selected raw materials, rare metals and alloys with optimum proportion, melted in electric furnace, converted into steel grains by modern equipment, and processed by many times of electric heat treatment and automatic screening. In the process of forming steel grains by liquid metals, their chemical composition and particle size are strictly controlled to ensure that their mechanical properties conform to various uses. S660 Cast Steel Shots link has the most rigorous quality management. The cast steel shots produced are tightly organized, not easy to break, uniform particle size distribution, with appropriate hardness, strong impact resistance and long service life.

  The characteristics of cast steel shots are as follows:

  Cast steel shots has moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, long service life, up to 2000-2900 times, good rebound, fast cleaning speed, low consumption, no breakage, fast cleaning speed and good technical effect. The cleanliness of the metal surface treated by this product can reach GB/T8923-1989.

  The surface roughness of cast steel shots reaches Rz=10-150 micron, which increases the specific surface area of metal surface and improves the surface adhesion of coatings after coating. It has remarkable economic benefits. Cast steel shots is the most advanced and ideal metal abrasive rust removal for shot blasting cleaning and strengthening at home and abroad.

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