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The corner of the technical function of cast steel grits material

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  The ability to adapt to the forming process is decided by the angle of the cast steel grits data skill function. The classified steels of steels are alloys with iron and carbon as the main components. Their carbon content is usually less than that. According to the heating medium, heating temperature and cooling, different types of heat treatment skills can be divided into several different categories.

  At present, there are many kinds of abrasive products on the market, such as steel shot, steel grit, steel cut wire , alloy steel shot, abrasive shots, etc. Different abrasives are made from different raw materials. The standard is different, the scope of application is also different, steel sand commodity is the best one in many guesses.

  The raw material of steel shot is waste steel of high carbon steel or alloy steel. Cast steel grit is a skill to prepare steel grit directly from waste steel. The advantages of cast steel grits in grinding are as follows:

  Shot Blasting Cast Steel Grit commodity has moderate hardness, strong resistance and impact resistance. It can be repeatedly used several times in succession.Cast steel grits has the characteristics of long service life, good resilience, strong adhesion, fast finishing speed, cast steel grits consumption, non-fragmentation, high brightness of finishing workpiece and good function of skills. Goods disposed of by cast steel grits can reach the national standard. It can be said that cast steel grits commodities are the most advanced and ideal materials for finishing, spraying, rust removal and strengthening at home and abroad.

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