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Cast steel shot is refined from iron and steel from natural iron ore

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  Cast steel shot has remarkable characteristics, high grade, uniform particle size, high hardness, non-pulverized specific gravity, red or black-red color of city iron. Not only wear resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance, but also wet resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other functions, which are widely used in construction. The compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and conflict coefficient of the High Quality Cast Steel Shot made of iron-steel sand concrete or iron-steel mortar are better than those of iron-chip mortar.

  For decades,cast steel shot has been widely used as concrete or mortar wear-resisting layer in China's coal mines, electric power, chemical metallurgy, warehouses, wharfs, loading and unloading machinery factories, parking plants, electronics industry, highway, textile industry, military industry and other industrial infrastructure projects. Cast steel shot is widely used in places with heavy conflict, vulnerability and high impact. Cast steel shot is a new type of wear-resistant material in recent decades. Cast steel shot is basically refined from iron and steel by natural iron ore, and its main component is iron oxide red.

  Scope of application of cast steel shot in construction:

  Coal coking and iron and steel infrastructure construction: ore trough, coal pit, coke trough, funnel and other wear-resistant layer;

  In metallurgical and chemical infrastructure construction, wear-resistant layers such as hoppers, silos and chutes in various mineral processing and chemical industries;

  In infrastructure construction of cement industry, wear-resistant coatings such as funnels, silos, pits, bulk storehouses, etc.

  In the infrastructure construction of water resources and hydropower, the anti-erosion and anti-wear coatings such as spillway tunnel, diversion tunnel, overflow dam surface and ship lock are used.

  In the construction of coal chemical industry infrastructure: wear-resistant layers on the inner walls of various coal bunkers, funnels and chutes; wear-resistant layers on the surface of coal pillars and beams; steel sand

  In the capital construction of thermal power plant, the wear-resistant layer of coal conveying system such as bunker, funnel and unloading ditch, and the wear-resistant layer of inner wall such as dry ash depot are used.

  Bottom floor and civil construction: staircase pedals and anti-skid strips; wear-resistant ground of underground garage and parking lot.

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