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Measures for grinding fine ore particles with cast steel grits

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  Cement manufacturers and thermal power plants, especially in the mining and mining of iron ore and non-ferrous metals, usually use cast steel grits and forged cast steel grits as abrasive materials and are widely used.

  Although some cast steel grits manufacturers use high chromium cast steel grits to replace low chromium balls and forging steel shots, but because the quality of their products is not too hard, there is no good wear resistance, and sometimes even a large number of broken cases, can not bring economic benefits to users, so it has not been able to change the status quo. The grinding effect of materials mainly depends on the grain size of Manufacturer Of Cast Steel Grits, which is mainly based on the larger proportion of materials, that is, the representative grain size. In practical application, the secondary diameter of the multi-graded cast steel grits can also be used as the standard. The ball loading system mainly includes the density, hardness and wear resistance of cast steel grits.

  Generally, the impact force of large density and diameter cast steel grits is larger when they fall, and the hardness of cast steel grits is also larger. Therefore, for hard and coarse ores, it is more necessary to have cast steel grits with large density and diameter.

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