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Influencing factors of high consumption of cut wire shot

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  Everyone in the abrasive industry knows that the harder the cut wire shot is, the faster it cleans the workpiece, but the corresponding consumption of cut wire shot will also become fast, so its service life will be shorter than the general time. So generally from the perspective of economic benefits, before cleaning the workpiece, Supply Lower Price Cut Wire Shot with moderate hardness will be selected for processing.

  Choosing cut wire shot with moderate hardness and excellent rebound elasticity can reach every place of cleaning room and reduce processing time. The function of cut wire shot is to clean the workpiece. The correct choice of cut wire shot should pay attention to the following problems: determining cut wire shot mainly depends on the type of workpiece you want, aluminium shot or cut wire shot is generally used for non-ferrous metals; ordinary steel welding parts, castings, steel products and so on are selected cut wire shot; the larger the diameter of cut wire shot is, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the work efficiency is also very high; irregular shape of cut wire shot. Or steel wire cutting pellet cleaning efficiency is higher than spherical pellet, but the surface roughness is also higher; high cleaning efficiency pellet wear equipment faster; only use time to calculate, but compared with production efficiency, this wear is not fast; cut wire shot hardness and cleaning speed is proportional, but inversely proportional to life.

  Therefore, the higher the hardness of cut wire shot, the faster the cleaning speed, but the shorter the service life and the greater the consumption, so the hardness should be suitable to use the best effect.

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