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Basic properties of cut wire shot

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  The strength of base concrete should be above C25, the water cement ratio should be below 0.50, the slump difference of concrete should be controlled between 70 and 100 mm, the segregation of Cut Wire Shot For Sale should be minimized and the bleeding should be controlled.

  In order to ensure sufficient fluidity of concrete mixtures and facilitate construction, cut wire shot is suggested that appropriate admixtures should be added to concrete.

  Base concrete should be poured and compacted according to the standard of excellent concrete, pay attention to the accuracy of size and reduce the production of floating slurry.

  If the cut wire shot surface should be constructed at the same time as the concrete structure layer, cut wire shot is suggested that the fine stone concrete should be used in the leveling layer, and the thickness of the concrete should not be less than 50 mm, and the expansion reinforcement net should be considered.

  Special attention should be paid to the edge and corner of the base concrete construction block to ensure the compactness of the concrete vibration and tamping, and additional strengthening treatment should be taken.

  Cut wire shot is evenly distributed on the surface of concrete in the initial setting stage. After solidification, cut wire shot forms a compact whole with concrete floor, super-strong hardening surface, compressive, impact-resistant, wear-resistant and high-performance wear-resistant floor with high precision and coloring. Construction with concrete floor can shorten the construction period without the need for construction of mortar leveling layer.

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