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Cast steel grits is now used more in the abrasive industry

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  As one of the abrasive products, the production process is bound to be more complex. Cast steel grits is now used more in the abrasive industry in the market, such as grinding wheel, oil stone, grinding head, Cast Steel Grits G25 abrasives made of chilled iron grains, chilled iron grains force hot metal to be produced by steam jet. The abrasive is used as grinding rock in the barrel. Its main production processes are as follows:

  1. Select and classify semi-finished cast steel grits products, that is, to produce finished cast steel grit.

  2. The steel scrap after heating and quenching is put into the crusher for crushing, so as to obtain the semi-finished cast steel grits.

  3. Put waste steel made of high carbon steel or alloy steel into quenching equipment for heating and quenching treatment.

  Reasonable and correct treatment method can bring the highest profit to the enterprise, at the same time, cast steel grits can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, reduce the cost, and the production method of cast steel grits. It reduces the process of waste steel melting and pelleting that the traditional production process must first cast into steel balls.Cast steel grits has remarkable economic benefits, improves the surface adhesion of the coating, and high purity single crystal, which can be used to manufacture semi-conductors. Silicon carbide fibers are manufactured in bulk, which greatly saves the production cost.

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