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How to Make Sandblasting and Rust Removal of Cut Wire Shot in Automobile Industr

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  The cleaning of engine surface shell is troublesome, the shape is complex, and the surface burr is not easy to handle. Most metal workpieces will produce surface oxidation in forging heat treatment heating. This oxide scale has serious damage to the chemical coating rust removal of parts, and needs cut wire shot. For parts to be machined, the removal of oxide scale is a necessary condition to reduce tool wear, improve the service life of cutting tools, maintain machine accuracy, and control the size of forging blanks to obtain the optimal cutting state.

  Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot is even more important for automatic machine tools. The comprehensive effect of removing oxide scale and strengthening workpiece can be obtained by cut wire shot on the workpiece after final heat treatment. Almost all the gears of automobiles, tractors and other vehicles need shot blasting after heat treatment.

  Generally, cut wire shot S70/0.2mm is needed for products with complex shape, more holes, poor treatment and high surface requirements.

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