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Is the higher the price of cast steel shots, the better?

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  Now the metal abrasive market is mixed with fishes and dragons, because the unique production mode of cast steel shots is relatively simple to process, so there are many small production and processing enterprises put into production, resulting in different quality and price of S390 Cast Steel Shot for Shot Blasting, and because cast steel shots has different materials and models, which also brings difficulties to customer selection, so it is. Is not the higher the price of cast steel shots, the better?

  In order to meet the requirements of the workpiece, the key is to select the right cast steel shots.

  Correct selection of cast steel shots should pay attention to the following issues: the determination of cast steel shots mainly depends on the type of workpiece you want, cast steel shots is generally used for non-ferrous metals; cast steel shots is used for ordinary steel weldments, castings, steel and so on; the larger the diameter of cast steel shots cleared, the higher the surface roughness, the higher the work efficiency; irregular shape of cast steel shots cleaning The efficiency is higher than that of spherical pellets, but the surface roughness is also higher.

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