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How about the mixing effect of cast steel grit and steel shot

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  But the roughness is greatly reduced, so the applicability is not as good as steel shot. So if conditions permit, can steel shot and cast steel grits be mixed to improve efficiency and ensure a certain degree of roughness?

  After mixing cast steel grits with steel shot, the hardness of steel shot is generally maintained at 40-50HRC, while that of G18 Cast Steel Grit with Blasting is 50-60HRC. When used on various types of steel surface, the treatment effect on C-grade and D-grade corroded steel surface is also better.

  Moreover, cast steel grits can etch steel surface, and steel shot can strengthen steel surface.

  More practical, according to the surface hardness of the workpiece to be polished, the original corrosion degree, the required surface roughness, coating type and so on, the choice of abrasives, if the use of steel shot and cast steel grits mixed abrasive rust removal effect will be more ideal.

  The specific mixing proportion should be selected according to the field investigation. To reduce costs and improve efficiency for customers.

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