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How to choose cut wire shot

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  Cut wire shot is a kind of commonly used metal workpiece processing material. The structure of cut wire shot is tight and the particle size is uniform. The surface pressure of metal workpiece can be increased by using cut wire shot to treat the surface of metal workpiece, and the fatigue resistance of workpiece can be improved very well.

  High Quality Cut Wire Shot is a kind of abrasive with good surface cleaning effect. The hardness of cut wire shot determines the service life of cut wire shot. The hardness of cut wire shot is proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed. The consumption of cut wire shot will shorten the service life. The manufacturing process of cut wire shot determines the size of cut wire shot, and the larger the diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning. But the work efficiency is also very high, and the wear of cut wire shot is also larger.

  For production, the cost of cut wire shot determines the company's cost-effectiveness. For the choice of cut wire shot, the hardness should be moderate and the size should be uniform, so that the specification can extend the service life. These are the characteristics of Reaguan cut wire shot. Of course, when used with proper equipment, Reaguan cut wire shot are the best abrasives for surface cleaning because of their durability.

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