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The production of cast steel grit needs heat treatment and quenching

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  The production of cast steel grit needs heat treatment and quenching, so we should pay attention to these aspects to ensure the quality of cast steel grit. The carbon content of G40 Cast Steel Grits With ISO 9001 determines the hardness and quality of cast steel grit.

  After quenching and heating, there are two kinds of cooling methods for steel. One is isothermal cooling,othermal quenching, and the other is continuous cooling,ordinary quenching. Pearlite, sorbite, toxite and bainite can be obtained by isothermal cooling as required, while martensite can be obtained by ordinary quenching. All kinds of steel parts, mechanical parts and moulds are used after quenching and tempering. The strengthening and hardening occur during quenching is due to the formation of martensite.

  Although the carbon content determines the hardness of the cast steel grit, we can adjust the process to maximize the performance of the workpiece. The hardenability of low carbon steel and cast steel grit is poor. Therefore, almost all lath martensite can be obtained by intensive quenching, and a good combination of higher strength and toughness can be obtained. Medium carbon steel or medium carbon cast steel grits are widely used steels, whose carbon content is between 0.2% and 1.0%. These steels have just been heated and quenched at high temperature, which greatly improves the toughness of steels with the same hardness. For high carbon steel parts, low temperature, rapid and short time heating and quenching method can be adopted.

  Cast steel grit can be seen that the same material, through a more reasonable quenching process, can get more ideal performance.

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