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Main causes of cast steel shot consumption and its recycling and utilization

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  As the surface material of shot blasting machine, cast steel shot is used in a large amount and consumed a lot. But what is the main reason that affects the consumption of cast steel shot?

  1. Adjustment of equipment such as shot blasting machine, different angle of shot blasting, different degree of consumption rate of shadow Cast Steel Shot for S460. The faster the shot blasting speed, the greater the consumption of cast steel shot. The inner wall of shot blasting machine is damaged and not repaired in time, the mud core bone of bridge shell is not pulled out in time before cast steel shot, the shot blasting process takes a long time, the top track of cast steel shot blasting machine is not sealed, and the scattered cast steel shot is not recovered in time. Utilization can affect the utilization efficiency of cast steel shot.

  2. Surface roughness of the cleaned material. The higher the roughness, the greater the consumption of cast steel shot.

  3. The amount of sand adhering or the grade of rust on the surface of the treated workpiece.

  4. The cleanliness grade of the workpiece whose hardness has been cleaned.

  5. The arc height requirement of the strengthened work.

  After using cast steel shot, many manufacturers put them on hold because the sand is broken or the mortar is difficult to handle. Some of them are directly dumped as garbage, and a lot of resources are wasted. In fact, the value of cast steel shot after use is quite high, just to deal with the trouble points. The sand after blasting and polishing with single cast steel shot material can be sold back to the manufacturer. After screening and crushing, the manufacturer can get small size sand. It can also be sold to mechanical weighing enterprises as weighing material or to chemical companies after using mortar mixture as raw material.

  Recycling and reuse of steel balls not only reduces environmental pollution, but also protects resources, increases the benefits of enterprises and improves the use value of cast steel shot themselves.

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