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Price is not the only criterion for selecting cast steel shots

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  In recent years, some enterprises have experienced performance decline, wage arrears, bankruptcy and other phenomena, including some large enterprises. Some enterprises have been losing money this year, relying on the continuous closure of stores to control the extent of losses. What causes this situation?

  Due to the serious overcapacity in China, the state has more strict control over the cast steel shot industry. At present, many Cast Steel Shot For S230 manufacturers either do not have orders, or rely on very low profits to maintain their operations. In addition to the external environment, the intrinsic vicious competition makes enterprises already in deep water more difficult. In order to maintain customers, in order to have business to do, some enterprises at all costs or even lose money to sell goods. In this case, large enterprises can bear the pain, and small and medium-sized enterprises can only be slaughtered.

  In the buying and selling market, as long as the buyer meets the specifications, regardless of the quality, try to buy cheaply. In order to make profits, some steel ball manufacturers have to reduce their costs as much as possible. By adopting raw materials with poor quality and shortening process flow, the cast steel shot produced can not meet the national standard. And those who want to produce high quality steel pills and establish good brands will have difficulty in operating in this morbid market. Gradually, some manufacturers will drift with the tide, while others will slowly disappear.

  So don't be complacent about buying low-priced products. They all have certain production costs. The correct way for enterprises to grow up is to adjust the price of cast steel shot properly on the basis of ensuring the quality of products.

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