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Main application scope of cast steel grits

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  1. Workpiece coating and cast steel grits before bonding can remove all dirt such as rust on the workpiece surface, and establish a very important basic schematic on the workpiece surface. Moreover, abrasives of different particle sizes can be exchanged.

  2. The cleaning and polishing of cast steel grits and workpiece after heat treatment and sandblasting can clean all the dirt on the surface of cast steel grits and workpiece after heat treatment, and Cast Steel Grits G80 for Shot Peening surface to improve the cleanliness of workpiece, which can make the workpiece show uniform and consistent metal nature, and make the workpiece appearance more beautiful and beautiful.

  3. Burr cleaning and surface beautification cast steel grits of machined parts can clean up the micro-burrs on the surface of the workpiece, make the surface of the workpiece smoother, eliminate the hazards of burrs, and improve the grade of the workpiece.

  4. Cast steel grits with improved mechanical properties can produce uniform and fine concave and convex surfaces on the surface of parts, which can store lubricating oil, improve lubrication conditions, reduce noise and improve the service life of machinery.

  5. For some special purpose workpieces, cast steel grits can achieve different reflections or matte at will. Such as polishing of stainless steel workpiece, plastic, polishing of jade, matting of wood furniture surface, pattern of polished glass surface, and texturing of cloth surface, etc.

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