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What is the effect of cast steel shot on shot peening strength

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  In the shot blasting process, the cast steel shot in the shot blasting machine needs continuous impact on the workpiece to remove the oxide skin, burrs, cast sand, rust and so on. While the cast steel shot itself impacts the workpiece, it also needs strong impact toughness. That is to say, cast steel shot material should have strong ability to resist impact load. What is the effect of cast steel shot on shot peening strength?

  1. Hardness of Cast Steel Shot S170: When the hardness of cast steel shot is higher than that of parts, the change of its hardness value does not affect shot-blasting strength, and the power of shot-blaster can be adjusted appropriately to increase shot-blasting strength.

  2. Shot blasting rate: The shot blasting strength increases with the increase of shot blasting rate, but when the shot blasting rate is too high, the damage amount of cast steel shot increases.

  3. Coarseness and fineness of cast steel shot: The bigger the cast steel shot is, the bigger the kinetic energy of impact is, and the bigger the shot blasting strength is. Therefore, while guaranteeing shot peening strength, only small cast steel shot should be selected.

  4. Projection angle: When the cast steel shot is perpendicular to the appearance to be shot, the cast steel shot has the highest strength. When small angle shot blasting is necessary, the size and speed of cast steel shot should be increased appropriately.

  5. Crushing quantity of cast steel shot: The more broken cast steel shot, the lower kinetic energy of cast steel shot fragments will be.

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