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Hardness standard of cast steel grits

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  The hardness of different cast steel grit is also different, for example, cast steel grits are made from high carbon cast steel shot by breaking into steel grit, then tempering into three kinds of hardness (GH, GL, GP) to meet different needs. The treated cast steel grit is screened into 10 grades according to SAE standard to meet the needs of sand blasting. Products of different sizes and hardness are used in different situations, such as drum engraving, granite cutting, etc.

  Cast steel grits is widely used in the pretreatment of steel workpiece before painting. In this process, sand blasting room with recycling device is used more frequently. The angular shape and relative hardness of cast steel grits make them clean up faster and recover effectively. Cast steel grits is also widely used in the sand cleaning process of castings. Sometimes cast steel grit is embedded in the castings at high temperature, which exceeds the cleaning capacity of cast steel grit. At this time, only cast steel grit can be used. Cast steel grits can be used when the shot blasting equipment used for cast steel grits can not effectively clean the steel workpiece. When cast steel grits is newly made, it is sharp-edged. In the process of use, the edges and corners are quickly rounded, especially in sand falling and scaling removal operations.

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