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Atomization process of cut wire shot

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  Stainless steel cut wire shot is different from other similar products, so there are some obvious differences in the manufacturing process. One of them is called atomization method. The 0.3mm Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot processed by atomization method are usually referred to as atomized stainless steel cut wire shot.

  As for the detailed production process of atomized stainless steel cut wire shot, we can understand as follows: the first step is to heat the selected stainless steel material in a metal furnace so that it can gradually become a metal liquid in the process; the second step is to pour the metal liquid into the corresponding atomization equipment. Usually, atomizing equipment includes atomizing nozzle, which is the key component for manufacturing stainless steel cut wire shot.

  The reason why the nozzle belongs to a more critical equipment is that some high-pressure and high-speed atomizing media will be ejected from the atomizing nozzle, which will have an important impact on the melted liquid metal and gradually disperse it into many small droplets. These droplets will condense into small metal particles in a short time during the process of dropping. If the particles are spherical, the required atomized stainless steel cut wire shot have been obtained.

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