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Cast steel shots be reused?

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  The service life of cast steel shot is very long, because cast steel shot can be reused. At the same time, different types of cast steel shot have super long service life. The cost of using Cast Steel Shot for Shot Peening is very low, and it is very economical. Especially used in shot blasting and casting treatment, it is very useful.

  How long is the service life of cast steel shot is the use of steel cut wire pellets, according to the different use of steel wire is divided into stainless steel shot and ordinary high-carbon steel shot and low-carbon steel shot.

  Generally speaking, the Irving life of cast steel shot is 3000 - 3500 times, that is to say, it can be recycled so many times, in fact, there is no scrap standard, it will wear away slowly in the process of circulation, and become dust. It is very useful and can be used for surface treatment of almost any workpiece.

  Because of its long service life, deeply loved by customers, the market is very good, and the consumption is also very large, especially in some shipyard enterprises. Generally speaking, the life of cast steel shot is 15-30% longer than that of cast steel shot, because cast steel shot has no pore and looseness, cast steel shot is mostly used for precision parts, and stainless steel shot is mostly used for stainless steel and aluminium castings, because it will not pollute the castings after shot blasting, and it is more wear-resistant. The high hardness cast steel shot is used to strengthen the blade, cylinder and connecting rod of aeroengine and diesel engine.

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