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Is the appearance of cast steel shot brighter and better quality?

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  The blacker the brighter the cast steel shot, the higher the temperature of heat treatment in the production process, resulting in the reduction of carbon content in the cast steel shot, so that the hardness of the S780 Cast Steel shots becomes lower, and the cast steel shot is prone to deformation in the process of hitting.

  So the darker the appearance, the brighter the quality of cast steel shot is not good.

  How effective is the recycled cast steel shot used?

  Return pellet is a new kind of cast steel shot, but the source of return cast steel shot is uneven. It is recovered from alloy cast steel shot, steel wire cut shot and other kinds of cast steel shot after hit. So the composition is not uniform and the particle size is not uniform, which seriously affects the gloss and roughness of the workpiece after hit.

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